I have loved to cook since I wasn’t even tall enough to reach the stove. Almost 10 years ago I created the Offshore Chef when I was using the small galley of a boat to create meals. While I’ve run aground and now find myself wandering around ashore, the same #CookSmall philosophies apply. So let’s get cooking inside and out!

Shrimp Ernie – A Duncan Hines Favorite Recipe (From Ye College Inn in Houston, Texas)In the 1950's, Duncan Hines was considered one of "the Nation's Foremost" Authorities "on Good Food." I've set out to transcribe and recreate many of his favorites recipes from the road. In most cases, the origin of these recipes no longer exist. This recipe is courtesy of The Art of Grilling, Baking, Barbequeing, a Duncan Hines Cookbook from 1952.
Firecracker Grilled Shrimp TacosMy goto, on the road grilling recipe for the entire family. When Airstreaming on the East Coast, there's no shortage of wild-caught, fresh shrimp, making this a great outdoor recipe from start to finish. Read my travel blog about Cherrystone Campground, home to an onsite fresh seafood monger!