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Toaster Adrift's First Cookbook Recipe Contest - Rivets & Recipes for the RoadThanks for wanting to participate in the creation of my very first cookbook! I started this cookbook almost 10 years ago but back then I was using the small galley of a boat. While I’ve run aground and now find myself wandering around ashore, the same #CookSmall philosophies still apply.

Feel free to submit as many recipes as you’d like, but I will only be able to provide one copy of the cookbook to each mailing address;) Yup, that’s right! Submit a recipe and receive a first edition of the cookbook even if your recipe is not published. Please remember though that the recipe has to be just that and not a fake entry or someone else’s recipe you’ve found online.

I cannot wait to share MY favorite recipes from the road with you AND hopefully include some of yours!!!

Please use the form below to submit your recipe to the cookbook. I can’t wait to share my recipes with you from both ONshore AND OFFshore, lol;) Good luck and feel free to email me at jen@toasteradrift.com if you have questions:)

Recipe Ingredients & Instructions

I submit this recipe knowing it may or may not be published in-print and possibly online, and to the best of my knowledge, it is my own creation or that which has been willingly shared with me from other family members and/or friends.