Aloha & Welcome InstaFriends

Hi InstaFriends and welcome to the official website of the Toaster Adrift.

You may have drifted over here because:

  • You are interested in renting one of my Airstreams for your next vacation, honeymoon, mini-moon or special event.
  • You too have undertaken the somewhat daunting task of refurbishing a vintage Airstream and need advice, moral support or would like to just share your trials and tribulations with a fellow crazy person.
  • You want to go camping but don’t feel like getting THAT intimate with Mother Nature.
  • You have a general appreciation for toasters and all aluminum cans;)
  • All of the Above.
  • None of the Above.
  • You Tell Me, lol;)

Any way you shake it, I’m here to make you laugh, inspire you and even possibly create the most stress-free and campvenient vacation for you and your family. Sign up here to stay in-touch! You might receive an occasional email with a coupon, recipe or just a good laugh to brighten up your day;)

Oprah Winfrey Inspirational Quote - Passion is Energy. Feel the Power that comes from focusing on what Excites You!