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Travel from Canada to the Mid-Atlantic to Camp with Aolani the Airstream.

Bonjour & a Big Hello to my neighbors from the North!

Looking for a unique getaway this Summer that requires very little planning? Or maybe you knew that you wanted to rent an Airstream? I know that traveling from Canada you share my love of all things outdoors. Consider ditching the tent this summer or fall and make my Airstream your next destination.

While Aolani’s port of call is Cape May and the Southern New Jersey Shore, for an additional fee, she can be delivered and set up pretty much anywhere in Delaware and on the Eastern Shore of Maryland or Virginia. These are the destinations where my crew likes to anchor and where we are most suited in giving you the best experience possible. Email me at with questions or visit Aolani’s AirBNB page today.

20% OFF July 29th to August 4th in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
Your Choice of 5 OR 7 Days!
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Let’s Chat About Traveling from Canada to the Mid-Atlantic.

Let me be your guide and plan out a custom experience based on what you like to do! And if there are activities that you’ve never tried, but might want to, let me know that too!

Email me at with questions or visit Aolani’s AirBNB page today.

Glamping with the Kiddos?

If your child is anything like mine, they will love spending the night in an Airstream.The possibilities for keeping them engaged, both inside and out, are endless. Aolani the Airstream is your own personal lunar excursion module that you get to land and navigate pretty much anywhere her truck will take her.

In a recent blog post,

Spending the Night in Outer Space & Other Out of this World Adventures for Kid Campers

I give you a list of amazing aviation and aeronautic museums in the Mid-Atlantic, great for your entire crew. Owning an Airstream has been one of my dreams dating back to my own childhood and seamlessly aligns with the history of avionics and the closest I will ever get to feeling like I’m spending the night in outer space. I will continue to add more Toaster Tips for endless fun whether you’re drifting onshore in Aolani or your own camper!

Email me at with questions or visit Aolani’s AirBNB page today.