Destination NJ Shore Jersey Collective 2018

Taking Time to Smell the Flowers on Day 6 of Jen’s South Jersey Road Tour

Everyone Loves a Bad Cat

Greetings from where the wind has blown me this Nor’easterly Saturday.⠀

There’s always s’more summer at Bad Cat Flower Farm in West Cape May. And seriously who needs pumpkins when you can have dahlias!!!⠀

Another example of how life leads us down unexpected avenues, Shayla, a journalist turned Flower Farmer, is owner of Bad Cat Farms. Instead of spending her days in front of a computer screen she works her rainbow colored fields with no one but the local bird populations and other critters to keep her company.

Nestled in the heart of the Jersey Shore’s most beautiful farmland, Bad Cat is named for, well, Shayla’s bad cat. She thinks his name is Wolfpack or Buddy but mostly, he’s just known as Bad Cat (although he loves hanging with the family’s birds). Cape May is well known as one of the world’s prominent migratory bird paths. Her own birds provide the feathers for her gorgeous arrangements, available at the Wildwood Farmers Market (during in-season months) & for events such as weddings, through private consultations.⠀

But if you need something to brighten your door on this gray weekend, be sure to get over to the farm tomorrow!!! Her Fall Open Farm is this Sunday, 10/28 and next Sunday 11/4 from 10-3. Admission is free, but some activities, such as wreath making, have a charge. Shayla made the beautiful wreath below for Aolani the Airstream!!!

Pumpkin Carvin’ at Home for What Ales Ya

All roads lead home. Greetings again from where we started this journey, Alloway, NJ;) And while it’s been real, it was nice to return back to my young son today and work on Toaster O’Lanterns.

Thank you for joining me on my journey throughout South Jersey to feature my favorite local small businesses. Unfortunately I never made it North of Gloucester County but I think that proves the need to put a spotlight on all the small businesses of NJ:)⠀

I myself own two small businesses. While you know about my Airstream rental, delivery & renovation service, Toaster Adrift I also operate a “tiny” tree farm and create custom hand painted ornaments and wedding cake toppers over at Holly Hills Lane.

I hope you’ll follow me on my future adventures and hope the Jersey Collective will invite me back next year to take my show on the road to another part of our wonderful state. ⠀

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