Destination NJ Shore Jersey Collective 2018

Tub Time & Tees on Day 3 of Jen’s South Jersey Road Tour

Tub Time

In the words of Miss Valerie, owner of New Jersey’s most amazing bath & soap shop, GOOD BUBBLY MORNING everyone! And greetings from Mannington, New Jersey.⠀

When I say that Valerie’s Hens & Honey Shoppe is located on a South Jersey byway, well, it’s almost an understatement, lol. Yet the power of small business is alive and well at her destination of suds and soaps, and other one of a kind finds. She has harnessed social media and outstanding customer service to connect (and clean) New Jersey one happy customer at a time, lol. And to be quite honest, it’s awe inspiring.⠀

Handmade soaps, hand poured soy candles, whipped body soaps and sprays, beard oil…you name it, and she’s got it, in like 1,000 different flavors. In-fact, the scents are so spot-on that you will find yourself wanting to eat her Chocolate Lovers Whipped Body Soap and her Jersey Tomato scented soy candles, until her cow, Dorothy Willow, comes home, lol. ⠀

Running a farm is hard work (also an understatement) but Valerie has been able to fuse both her farm and family’s longstanding South Jersey history into her product line. When you walk into Hens & Honey Shoppe, you truly feel as though you’ve come home. And when you leave, no matter where you’ve come from, you are taking a little piece of New Jersey away with you in your bag.

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Everybody Loves Press 10 Printing

Gwyn Glass of Press 10 Printing in Pitman, NJ.Everybody Loves Pitman, so it’s only natural that Everybody Loves Press 10 Printing, the town’s coolest Screen Printer and Apparel Co.

While South Jersey is small, the likelihood of Gwyn Glass, owner of Press 10 Printing, randomly finding me on Instagram still baffles my mind. Serendipity is definitely real and I have not only gained an IGFF from this crazy little thing they call the Internet, I’ve found the support I needed as a female small business owner in NJ. ⠀

A leader in her community, Gwyn is a champion of the #ShopSmall movement and the power of community over competition. And if it were not for her advice, I wouldn’t have this website you’re reading or my business!  You see, she encouraged me to take my circus on the road and create my Airstream Rental and Delivery Service.⠀

We often travel the highways and byways of our great state, forgetting that every place and person has a story to tell. It’s why I set out on my little journey. And it’s also why I haven’t been able to post my stories of this trip for you in actual real-time as I originally intended. There is SO much more to each one of the business owners I’ve met than just a picture and a quick caption.

Shopping (and doing a lot of things) online has eliminated so much of the human experience. But it DOES still exist in all of these towns, small and large, across NJ AND…it’s all there for you to find. ⠀

Take the time to talk to our small business owners and it will be the glue that binds you to their products. It’s about more than just price and “free” overnight shipping;)

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