Jersey Collective 2018

Life is Sweet AND Spooky on Day 2 of Jen’s South Jersey Road Tour

The Artisan Marshmallow

Greetings from Haunted South Jersey AND Mullica Hill, NJ, home of the Artisan Marshmallow Company and Cheyanne, confectionary extraordinaire, and well, some friendly ghosts.⠀

Got to spend today making marshmallows of all kinds, including one with beer in the kitchens of a historic (and reportedly haunted, church in Gloucester County, New Jersey! (More on that later.) Cheyanne and her trusty taste tester, MOM, (who btw, I am SO jealous of) spend their mornings prepping these treats that then take several days to set before cutting and bagging.

Visions of sugarplums and…Bourbon Vanilla Chocolate Chip Marshmallows and handmade sea salt caramels, danced in Jen’s head. Seriously, Cheyanne does not craft one treat that I wouldn’t eat! I was connected to the Artisan Marshmallow Company through my great friend and fellow small business owner, Gwyn Glass of Press 10 Printing in Pitman (say THAT 10x fast, lol). Now Cheyanne creates the treats that await you when you rent one of my Toasters Adrift, including custom artisanal s’mores kits!!!

Operation Turbo Marshmallows from the Artisan Marshmallow Co. of Mullica Hill.Cheyanne is a talented small business owner took a personal passion and not only tickles tastebuds here in South Jersey but delivers these treats all over the globe, including to active duty military through a charity she holds near and dear, Operation Turbo.

100% of the proceeds of her red, white and blue Operation Turbo marshmallows go directly to helping this fabulous charity. Make it a point this Veteran’s Day, and every day, to thank a solider or veteran. And if you can, buy some of here Operation Turbo marshmallows for a Vet, a friend OR yourself;)
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Oh and as if Cheyanne’s biz wasn’t cool enough, her husband makes the barrels for producing her very own bourbon based extracts, the Artisan Barrel Co.

Time to stock your pantry with baking supplies for the upcoming holidays but if your sweet tooth has an immediate craving, get over to her online store! I promise you will not be disappointed:)

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Haunted South Jersey…

As for those ghosts…

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church on Main Street in Mullica Hill has a history that dates back to the Revolutionary War as well as occasional visitors back to the Church.

From an excerpt about the most haunted churches in the NorthEast…

“St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church is one of Mullica Hill, New Jersey’s oldest buildings. It was constructed in 1853 and replaced an earlier church that stood on a site where a skirmish took place during the American Revolution. Throughout its history, St. Stephen’s has been associated with several ghost sightings, as has the neighboring rectory building. Both the church and the rectory are stops on the town’s ghost tour.

One well known ghost known as ‘Uncle Charlie’ lives in the rectory. According to previous residents of the house, Uncle Charlie has been seen on a regular basis and is credited with assisting with household chores. A sadder tale involves a young boy who’s family was a member of the parish in the 1970s. He was hit by a car in front of the church, and parishioners attest to the boy’s periodic appearance in the church.”

There are also tales of a young woman whose body was supposedly exhumed and required in the cemetery that likes to return to play pranks on parishioners. And in keeping with the spirit of mischief,  two little boys, who like to frequent the church to flip the light switches on and off. While I can’t report witnessing any paranormal activity while I was there, I will say there is a vibe, but a good one, that accompanied me during my visit.

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