Jersey Collective 2018

Adrift in Salem County on Day 1 of Jen’s South Jersey Road Tour

Drifting into THE Royal Port

Welcome to Salem County, New Jersey and Day 1 of my Road Tour;) Not only is Salem County MY home, but it is also home to Royal Port Antiques, aka 12,000 square feet of amazing! And that doesn’t include the Port’s backyard!⠀

The pics I took below are just a minute fraction of the inventory that fills Suzanne and Mike Cooke’s turn of the century, historic grain mill. No exaggeration, you can get lost for hours in this one of a kind mecca of Americana & reclaimed gems from factories, warehouses, farms, barns, houses, highways and byways. ⠀

They sell everything AND the kitchen sink;) AND they work with local artisans to give a second life to many of their industrial finds so they can be repurposed. I myself own more than a few pieces that I now use extensively in my studio and my paintings. ⠀

Just minutes from the Delaware Memorial Bridge, Exit 1 of both the NJ Turnpike and I-295, a visit is the perfect beginning or ending to any road trip. So keep them in mind not only for future stops on the way to the shore, but also the holiday shopping season.

As for the “Fresh Oil” roads, yes, from time to time, you’ll find that out here in the country. Also known as Chipseal or Tar & Chip, it provides no need for alarm. Just a more economical alternative for less traveled roads. But I will admit it’s fun to watch unknowing drivers when they see these signs & think they are about to slide off the roads.

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The Glass Pumpkin Crop is Bountiful in Salem County

Greetings from Alloway, NJ, home to the Salem County College Glass Education Center. I am here to state for the record, had Cinderella known the insane amount of skill and talent that went into making those glass slippers, she wouldn’t have just left one of hers behind! And I’m also here to point out that if these fine people knew me, they would not let me be playing with fire.

I was lucky enough to spend today learning the art and science of glassmaking and even got to make my very own glass pumpkin. Slightly more practical than glass slippers, lol.⠀

Did you know that glassmaking was America’s first industry? And did you know that America’s first successful glass company was formed right here in Alloway? (I’ve lived in Alloway for 13 years and didn’t even know this until today, lol, so I won’t hold it against you. Who am I kidding though. Most likely you’ve never even heard of Alloway either!  But here’s your big chance to visit my favorite South Jersey town.⠀

Between now and December 9th, the College’s Samuel H. Jones Glass Education Center will be hosting numerous glass workshops and open houses. You will not be disappointed. And if you have a chance to meet Doug Ohm, Coordinator of the GEC, you are in for a treat. Speaking to him is like physically jumping into an encyclopedia of everything.

A special thanks to him and Kristin Deady for hosting me, and the fabulous Barb Spears for taking hold of the iPhone when my hands were busy with molten glass.

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