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I’ve RUM Ashore & I Can’t Get Up! Your Sunday Morn Distress Call Answered

It’s Sunday morning during the Summer. No ordinary iced coffee will do, especially if you happen to be glamping in Aolani at the shore. The following is a rum iced coffee recipe that you can share (but you won’t want to;)

So I pretty much made this drink up on the fly this morning but I think you’ll all agree. The substitution of coconut cream RUM in place of the traditional amount of cold foamed milk is a big thumbs up:)

More info coming soon on where you can buy your very own Tiki Mug, when you aren’t busy using Aolani’s!

Recipe for Cold & Coconut Rum Iced Coffee

  • One Large Glass or Ceramic Tiki Mug FULL of Ice Cubes
  • 4 Shots of Your Favorite Espresso (I’m currently brewing Starbucks’ Antigua Guatemala Blend)
  • 1-2 Shots of Briney Gold Shipwreck Coconut Rum Cream (depends on how much Grog you had the night before)
  • Cold Foam Milk (using my FAVORITE Airstream accessory, Bellemain Stainless Steel Hand Pump Milk Frother, 14 oz. capacity
  • A sprinkle of Coconut Sugar
  • A Paper Straw (or Two, but only if you want to share)

I didn’t truly appreciate the art of coffee until I visited Italy. It’s all about taking the time to sit down and enjoy your beverage. Where we pour our lattes, Americano’s and black coffees into super-duper-sized, on-the-go plastic-y composite (excuses for) coffee cups, the Italians add style to every aspect of their daily lives. You sip from glasses and or ceramic glassware.

On the Toaster Adrift we like to use glasses, but in the shape of Tiki Mugs:) If you like milk or cream, try an island substitute such as coconut cream rum. And don’t forget your little paper umbrellas and hibiscus accoutrements. You are going to LOVE rum iced coffee:)