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Delmarva? Is that even a word?

It’s a valid question, whether or not Delmarva is even a word. I hear it a lot. Growing up a Delawarean, the word to me represented an almost magical extension of our itty, bitty little state. Walk a few miles to West or South, you’re in Maryland. Keep walking slightly further West or South, you’re in Virginia. And if you can swim, just walk to the East, and you’ll either end up in the Delaware River, Delaware Bay or the Atlantic Ocean. Best case scenario you’ll end up on the shore of New Jersey. Worst case scenario, the United States Coast Guard will be airlifting you out of the Atlantic as you try to reach England.

As a child, the whole world seems just colossal in size. But when you’re on Delmarva, you can skip between three different states in less time than watching your favorite movie. I think it’s fun and quirky but out-of-stater’s honestly find it a little weird, just as I’m sure you will find me a little weird for having said it. BUT, for those out there who still don’t understand…

Delaware + Maryland + Virginia = (Bueller, Bueller…wait for it, wait for it) DELMARVA!

I highly recommend you take the time to bookmark and read this article by Malerie Yolen-Cohen from the Huffington Post: “Top Ten Things To Do on Virginia’s Quiet Eastern Shore.

“The Eastern Shore of Virginia, the southernmost tail of the sea-ray shaped Delmarva Peninsula that divides the Atlantic Ocean from the Chesapeake Bay, is not often touted in travel guides or in media. But it should be. The Eastern Shore doesn’t have the party atmosphere of Virginia Beach to the south or the Big City culture of Baltimore to the north, but it is splendid in its own quiet and genuinely friendly way.

Because the scale is so small here, everything is an intimate experience: from tour boats that only hold six guests to respected artists who talk to you while they paint. You come here to decompress, to slurp a Chincoteague Oyster washed down with acclaimed Chardonnay from its source, to sleep in an inn where caretakers actually take care of you. The Eastern Shore Tourism Commission really nails the personality of people and place. Its tagline? ‘You’ll Love Our Nature.'”

Not To Be Confused with DELMAR

And if you’d really like to challenge your sense of geography, I leave with an even more fascinating gem: DelMar. Thanks to Mr. Mason and Mr. Dixon, based on what side of the street you’re on in this quaint town, you could be in Delmar, Delaware or Delmar, Maryland.

If you are feeling the need to nerd out, by all means, I encourage to visit the article “The Mason-Dixon Line, that land is your land,” published by the Delaware Geological Survey, “a science-based, public-service-driven Delaware state agency at the University of Delaware (UD) that conducts geologic and hydrologic research, service, and exploration for the benefit of the citizens of the First State.

But for now, goodnight from the Eastern Shoreline of Virginia;)