Destination Delmarva How This All Started Where My Journey Started

Dune Things My Way

No, no, I didn’t sell the house.  Or my boat for that matter, despite numerous indirect attempts at sinking it. I just needed to set myself free and what better way than a miniature beach home on wheels?  And so the Airstream Adventure Begins.

Hi I’m Jen and it’s been 16 years since my last purchase of a recreational vehicle.

Sadly my grandmom, Babci, wasn’t still around to read me the riot act like she did when I bought a boat instead of a house.  When men do stuff like this it’s called a mid-life crisis purchase.  I’d like to think I’m not old enough to be having a mid-life crisis.  So call it whatever you want, but I did it.

The Night We Drove Off Into the Sunset Together

When I came to see my little toaster on wheels,  the night I signed more of my financial well-being away to be with her, she beckoned to me.

It was a cold, late November evening.  The sun has already set and there she was, glowing from within and casting a warm hug out onto the cold asphalt sea surrounding her.  When I opened the door, the dealership had classical music quietly playing in the background and I felt like I had found my safe haven, my own private Harbor of Refuge.

Introducing Aolani.  Her Airstream Adventure Begins.

Airstream really hit the rivet on the head when it came up with this name for this line of trailers.  I christened my Flying Cloud, Aolani (ah-oh-LAH-nee) the Airstream.  In Hawaiian Aolani means “beautiful cloud” and in Delawarean it means tropical cocktail shaker on wheels, lol.  This hula girl is now my home away from home in the driveway and my vacation home whenever and wherever I feel like it.