Aloha & Welcome Aboard

Jen Bell, Creator and Owner of Toaster Adrift™ - Come Glamp with Me at the Jersey Shore!
Who knew that one of my favorite hobbies, glamping, would become the hip thing to do. Even more crazy though… who knew that delivering glamp to the camp would turn into my next career, lol.

I grew up spending my summers on the South Shore, where the Atlantic meets the Indian River Inlet and Bay in Delaware. My grandparents had many trailers there over the years, nestled between the ocean and the inland marshes.

My parents would take us away on the weekends with only $20 cash in their pocket. There was no phone, (and obviously no cable, no internet and no Netflix, lol) but most importantly…no worries. We spent our days playing in the sun, with mom having to fish us out of the ocean, long after the life guards had left for the day. (And yes, shockingly, we all lived to tell about it, lol.)

The happiest days of my life were spent on the shoreline in an aluminum trailer by the sea. And for that reason, I often refer to the beach as “where I grew up.”

I want to return there again and bring YOU with me, in an Airstream:)

Starfish Wishes & Mermaid Kisses
XOXO – Jen


The Toaster Adrift has officially been named a 3x AirBNB Superhost!!!

Thank you to all my family and friends who continue to support this wild and crazy tiki circus on wheels, lol. And a special thanks to all of my customers who helped to make 2018 such a great summer at the Jersey Shore. It’s because of YOU that I have been given this honor;) I cannot wait to introduce all of you to Alice Anne the 1968 Overlander next Summer!!!

Flip Flop on Over to Your Airstream Getaway!

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Did you know that Cape May County, New Jersey is home to one of the largest remaining collections of mid-century beachside resorts in the U.S. (and yes, fake palm trees), and me, Jen Bell, a bicentennial baby with a deep rooted love for all things mid-century and American road trip. Since fulfilling a lifelong dream of purchasing an Airstream in 2015, I have been on an adventure to learn more about the style that has had a huge impact on my own design aesthetic and quite honestly, to slow down and enjoy a more simplified life.

Everything was awesome until that pesky little corporate job of twenty years kept disrupting my toaster mojo. Unable to use my Airstream as much as I would have liked, I took the advice of my best friend to start renting Aolani. What started as a mere suggestion has rerouted the course of my entire career. I went from bored in the board room to bikini-clad on the shuffle board court. And I’m just getting started.

The overwhelming popularity of my Airstream delivery service, where I guarantee to “bring tiki glamp to the camp” and keep your vacation campvenient, has necessitated an immediate expansion of aluminum-clad hula girls to my fleet.

So if you need a daily dose of laughter and inspiration, you have arrived at the right destination! This is the headquarters for my aluminum circus on wheel that I refer to as the Toasters Adrift:) I rent AND refurb;)

If you have any questions at all, please email me at I would be happy to customize a vacation based on your interests and my Airstreams are available for special events like Weddings, Honeymoons and Reunions.

Learn more about my eventual dream…Port Toaster!